Beginner's Guide to Veganism.Social

If you haven’t used Mastodon before, you may be wondering how to navigate Veganism.Social.

The following is a Q&A put together to support you in navigating one of Mastodon’s few vegan servers.

What is Mastodon?

Mastodon is part of the growing realm of decentralized social media.

It is similar in a sense to Twitter however it is not owned by one sole person. Individuals, groups and organizations can create their own servers where they are in charge of the communities they serve.

You can connect with others across all servers and aren’t as limited as you would be for apps like Instagram and Facebook – where you need different accounts to connect with different people.

What is really neat is that you can join a server and if you find that it’s not the right fit, you can very easily move to another one while keeping all of your followers and posts.

Another positive of using a decentralized social media like Mastodon is that you aren’t bombarded with advertisements – leaving you free to connect with others without distractions.

Check out the link below for more Mastodon-specific information.

Which app should I use?

While we can’t provide instructions for every app, we have linked Mastodon’s directory for all IOS and Android apps so you can find the one that works best for you.

You can also access Veganism.Social through a web browser like Google Chrome or Safari.

How do I make an account on Veganism.Social?

Check out the page linked below and select “Create account” to join the growing community!

What makes Veganism.Social different from other servers?

Veganism.Social is the largest vegan Mastodon server that has ever existed which means there is a big community to connect with on all things vegan.

With over 600 active users and 2,500 registrations, it’s been great to see so many vegans come together in one place!

Unlike many other servers, Veganism.Social gives you the ability to create a post with up to 10,000 characters so you won’t be limited or be forced to make multiple posts to get your point across.

Another unique feature is the Vegans Timeline. Out of all of your followers (which can range across a wide span of servers), when selecting the Vegans Timeline, you will only see posts of individuals who are vegan/are sharing vegan content. To look at this portion of your timeline, simply click the heart icon in your navigation bar.

Veganism.Social is a safe space for those who want to ensure they aren’t triggered by pictures of animal abuse and its by-products. You can be confident when exploring the community that all posts are made by vegans and for vegans.

How do I make a post on Veganism.Social?

Click or tap on the white box with the prompt “What’s on your mind?.” From here you can share a simple post, add images and links, add content warnings and even change the language of your text.

Next, you should decide if this post will be shared publicly with all of your followers or if you would like to share it with specific people. Since Mastodon doesn’t have a direct message feature just yet you can choose who you would like a post to go to by clicking the world icon at the bottom of the white box.

After that, you can hit “Publish!” and your post will be shared.

And there you have, a brief introduction to Veganism.Social! If you have any questions or want to learn more about the growing vegan space in the decentralized world feel free to connect with our team at